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Indeed, it is the reverse of this latter factor that is the major focus and rationale of the IR Manual in determining exactly which radionuclides one is dealing with and prescribing specific remedies and treatments for the differing ones that might occur.While these limitations of the IR Manual are severe, for our purpose, nevertheless it does present a number of insights that are beneficial. The document does not itself address that eventuality but addresses radiological catastrophes that might affect hundreds to hundreds of thousands of individuals, rather than the millions, possibly billions, of radiologically involved individuals that will be involved in the scenario of nuclear WW3 that I anticipate. (Think of New Orleans police multiplied by some substantial factor). Three more factors were not considered particularly relevant to the described scenarios or at least were not dealt with in the document. The large number of external gamma radiation burns that would occur from fallout - 11.

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The size of the sample then required, however, was ~500cm, which would clearly have resulted in an unacceptable amount of damage, and it was not until the development in the 1970s of small gas-counters and accelerator-mass-spectrometry techniques (AMS), requiring samples of only a few square centimetres, that radiocarbon dating of the shroud became a real possibility. The shroud was separated from the backing cloth along its bottom left-hand edge and a strip (~10 mm x 70 mm) was cut from just above the place where a sample was previously removed in 1973 for examination.

'Decorporation' Drugs "For example, Los Angeles County has stockpiled drugs that help remove internalized radioactive material from the body.

These drugs are called 'decorporation' drugs, and they may be accessed by physicians managing radiocontaminated patients in whom decorporation appears to be clinically appropriate.

Il peut commander un dispositif de contrle d'accs (portillon, tripode, barrire,) ou un portique de contrle de la contamination, et tre quip d'un lecteur de badges, d'un lecteur de codes barres et/ou dun large cran tactile offrant des fonctionnalits supplmentaires avec convivialit.

Il peut galement remplacer le lecteur de dosimtre LMF2 selon les applications.

Le dosimtre Saphydose Gamma i est un dosimtre autonome de poche qui mesure et affiche lquivalent de dose intgr Hp(10) et le dbit dquivalent de dose γ et X en temps rel. Ce dosimtre a t dvelopp afin dtre utilis en tant que simple dosimtre autonome ou comme faisant partie dun systme de gestion dosimtrique.

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