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2-9 25 Nov 03 Claude's Alternative Thanksgiving 32.

If I may submit my own surrejoinder, nowhere, have I ever - so far as I can recall - claimed any expertise for myself, in the craft of article construction, academic style or substance. To-day, with the benefit of a little self help, I guess I can say I get by but thank you anyway, for bringing that to the fore, I probably ought to have recounted my inadequacies from the outset. Scientists will have a theory, or hunch about a subject and will then test it until proved, until then it remains just that, a theory.

I like my fishing and traveling on my boat I enjoy the Barrier Reef and the adventures it provides. Not much of a gardener but if you want something dug over I can probably do it without causing too much damage.

Handy round the house too with tap washers, fuses, even your computer if required.

Pages 19-30Survey of London: Volume 20, St Martin-in-The-Fields, Pt III: Trafalgar Square and Neighbourhood.

Originally published by London County Council, London, 1940. Martin-in-the-Fields, little is known except that it came into being between the date of Domesday Book and the reign of Henry II, (fn.

Poulet-Malassis on the French, Herr Warnecke on the German, and M. A large number of articles has also been con- tributed to periodical literature by those well informed upon the subject, and numerous mono- graphs testify to the growth of interest in this fascinating study, and by the names of their authors, to the class of scholars and students of antiquarian lore who deem the humble book-plate worthy of their attention.

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