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Timothy John Janonis, 34, was found guilty by a jury in October of two counts of producing child pornography.

The District Court was told that in the space of about an hour one morning in October 2012, he had used his mobile phone to chat online with two people overseas known by the aliases Looking4the1 and Twoombatonte.

So we thought it best to hear it from the horses mouth; we sit down with Chris Mc Ewan of Hidden Intent to get all the juicy details for Metal As Fuck.

Can you give us a little background on the band for those playing at home and also some of the highlights the band have seen thus far?

There’s a strong belief among the camp that these new tracks are easily the strongest material to date.2,000 volunteer hours are spent bringing back the native bush to parts of this park each year.When opened in 1924, the Playground in this Park was divided by age and sex, with a supervisor in 95b FM's long-running daily bastion of news, current affairs and views through the b FM lens.Joel Thomas is an Auckland based writer and photographer with a Bachelor's degree majoring in Writing for Screen.Judge Barry Beazley said the circumstances of the most recent offending were unusual."The pornographic material in this case is the written electronic data, namely texts sent by you on your mobile phone," he said."In each case you have texted fictitious acts of disgusting and depraved sexual acts with a young child.

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