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AFAD’a gönderdiğin altı adet ayrıntılı soru karşılığında, sadece şöyle bir cevap aldım: “İstediğiniz bilgilere Başkanlığımız web sitesinde ulaşabilirsiniz.

Keep that in mind through the rest of the post where we talk about the promised topic of comparing floats, and understand that this post gives some suggestions on techniques, but no silver bullets. The first couple in the series are particularly important for understanding this point.

A (mostly) complete list of the other posts includes: Floating point math is not exact.

Simple values like 0.1 cannot be precisely represented using binary floating point numbers, and the limited precision of floating point numbers means that slight changes in the order of operations or the precision of intermediates can change the result.

That means that comparing two floats to see if they are equal is usually not what you want.

I mean, you may think it’s difficult to calculate when trains from Chicago and Los Angeles will collide, but that’s just peanuts to floating-point math. Each time I think that I’ve wrapped my head around the subtleties and implications of floating-point math I find that I’m wrong and that there is some extra confounding factor that I had failed to consider.

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