Browning hi power serial number dating


In 1959 the standard Safari calibers were built on the large ring Mauser actions.

I tried figuring it out from the browning website as well as others and cannot find this particular number sequence preceded by a single letter anywhere. The serial number on the grip frame is: Z10017* The serial number on the barrel shroud is the same but lacks the "Z" Thanks!

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Upon introduction in 1959m all rifles were produced by FN in Belgium. Sako also provided barrek=led actions in the small action (L461). Note that Sako was the only manufactureer that could stand up to the FN requirements. The medallion and Olympian Grades followed in 1960. These were made in Japan starting in 1977 to replace the Belgian Rifles. In 1983 there was a Limited Edition of 1000 rifles. the Browning long FN actions were prefixed (suffixed) with an L.

The Safari Grade was the first of the line in 1959. Mag., 30-06 Spring., 300 H&H Mag., 308 Norma Mag., .338 Win. If you want any more info as to production date or ?

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