Camchat directory


Excellent blend of traditional and alternative advisors with years of experience. Free Love Help Articles The Starlight Cafe - Poetry Chat Really fun poetry site.

A collection with the current list of room members.

MUC Service is a plugin to manage the chat rooms over the REST/HTTP interface.

It is possible to get a XML based overview over all or filtered chat rooms and also to Create / Update / Delete chat rooms and there user roles.

You only get a 10 day trial membership, then there is a fee for posting photos, chat and other features. Quick Chat Cafe Back by popular demand, Quick Chat Cafe is just a fun chat site.

Chat rooms are a unique way to meet hordes of new people in real time.

More Popular Chat Rooms The Couch If you want to discuss philosophy, learning, the latest book you read, or anything else intellectual, you might check out The Couch. Also, check out The Philosophy Cafe and The Philosophy Chat Forum Psychic Chat Cafe I guess they'll know you're coming to chat, eh? Arcanum Cafe If you like to read, write or chat about poetry, fill that coffee cup and go check out Arcanum Cafe... More Christian Chatrooms Personality Cafe OK, I will admit it. getting a cup of coffee and checking their Ebay account, then, going straight to the community chat forum to see how all their friends on Ebay are doing. and some great resource pages for those who like to cook.

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