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Some Zealots took it to be the sign of the coming of the promised Messiah and rebelled.

Today we know that it was Halley’s Comet, making one of its many returns.

This is that America, for well over 2,000 years, has served as a place of refuge for Old World peoples driven from their homes by conquest or persecution.

1 Evidence abounds that many of these visitors to America were Israelites, Dan being just one tribe among them.

A stone excavated from a burial mound at Bat Creek in Tennessee tells us that Jews in Tennessee recognized the sign and inscribed the stone “The Comet for the Jews.” This strongly suggests that Tennessee and Kentucky became havens of refuge for these persecuted Hebrews.

Cynthia Wachenheim, 45, was found on the Harlem street with her son, Keston, in her arms.

His meeting with Donald Trump is a significant step in the international rehabilitation of the general-turned-politician who was kept out of the Obama White House.

(Sidali Djarboub/AP) Today’s BIG IDEA is by Breanne Deppisch: Donald Trump has abandoned the promotion of human rights as a central aim of U. foreign policy, just as he promised when taking office.

Flavius Josephus, who himself took part in this revolt, mentions that through the year 69 a great comet hung like a flaming sword over Jerusalem.Most of Jersey City’s immigrants today come from Asia, particularly India.Asians — indicated in our map by the color green — also are the dominant immigrant group across Central Jersey.With immigrants hailing from more than 125 places around the world, New Jersey represents almost as many countries as the United Nations.The Garden State, home to 1.9 million foreign-born residents, has one of the highest concentration of immigrants of any state.Formats represented include black and white photographic prints; cartes de visite, cabinet cards and other albumen prints; tintypes and daguerreotypes; engravings and lithographs; political cartoons; watercolors; sketches; postcards; stereographs; souvenir albums; leaflets; and small broadsides.

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