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You can also search the background of businesses, too.

Though different services will provide different types of info, generally you can expect to find some or all of the following information included in a background check: There is no single database that provides 100% accurate information, unfortunately.

I pointed him to a link on how to conduct a New York Criminal Record Search and told my friend that he could fill out the Criminal History Record Search Form with each employee’s full name and date of birth and then mail it to the Office of Court Administration, or that I could get the results almost immediately for a small fee on top of what the Office of Court Administration charges ( per name searched).

You trusted that report, so how were you to know that the potential employee, who is now working for your company, is actually a convicted felon who has been arrested six times?

We recently tested one of the major online criminal background check services and were surprised to find how inaccurate the results were.

Imagine using one of the hundreds of online background check services to conduct a check on a potential new employee.

You put in the person’s name and date of birth and pay with your credit card, and you get a tidy report that shows that he or she has a clean record.

That’s why online background check services can make background checks much, much easier!

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