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Lowe’s is opening a store in Riverway Plaza, less than a mile down the street, which officials are hoping will provide a needed boost to the area.

For Cazeault Ace Hardware, which has been doing business at the same Weymouth Ma.

As the bolt stretches a compressive load is placed on the joint, binding it together.

This turn of the 20th century bed hardware consists of a stamped steel hook imbedded in the side rail and held in place by two steel dowels.

location since 1949, even with Home Depot and Lowe’s stores opening everywhere, the future now looks promising.

"Nuts, bolts and screws were always our biggest draw, since we stocked a bigger variety than almost anyone". "The web site has expanded our demographics from the 3-5 mile range of a hardware store, to customers from all over the country". "Who would have imagined that just a few short years ago"?

The first acquisition was a set of name brand bedding from the big department store – box spring and mattress happily placed in the right place – on the floor in the bedroom.

In technical terms, the job of a threaded fastener is to apply a comprehensive force to a connection, creating a joint strong enough to oppose any static, tensile, and dynamic loads that may be placed upon it.

Before we go much further let me point out that while there are formal definitions that distinguish bolts from screws, it’s a lot easier (and just as cor- rect in an informal setting) to use either term to describe threaded fasteners, so unless we need to identify a particular type of fastener, such as sheet metal screw or Allen head bolt, we’ll use the terms screw and bolt interchangeably.

How Bolts Work Steel, no matter what its composition, is elastic, and when a load is applied to it in tension, it stretches; like any other spring, the further it’s stretched, the more it resists.

By that same token, the fastener(s) used must also be capable of resisting impact, shock, vibration, shear, bend, torque and vector (angular) forces, as well as other compressive loads.

Boil away the jargon and it means that bolts work by clamping things together under tension and that both the connection and the bolt must be strong enough resist any force that tries to break that connection or the bolt that’s holding it together.

Get your application in now to join this wonderful team and be a part of a local, family owned business.

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