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although i still dont quite get what all this emo stuff is about wearing girls belts, makeup etc and saying its new.

they think up a new catchy name to call a bloke that trims his pubes and moisturises... my dad used to moisturise back in the 50's and 60's after a hard day mixing concrete etc to stop his skin cracking... all this stuff has gone on for years, its just come to light more and been accepted more as its in the glossy mags.

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Avalon has two younger half brothers (who are identical twins).

And have as much right to power as any other person? And have as much right to power as any other person? To be honest.....i think an equal amount cheat, i just think women don't admit it.

As for cheating stats, I think these days its 51% of men have cheated and 42% of women. As for cheating stats, I think these days its 51% of men have cheated and 42% of women. I know of loads of girls *i've pulled* who had bf's, fiance's etc...they would say they didn't cheat because they were drunk at the time or i came onto them, or i kissed them etc etc...despite the fact we were making out all night etc.

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The race concept originated with the 1960 Armstrong 500 at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, before being relocated to Bathurst in 1963 and continuing there in every year since.

The race was traditionally run on the Labour Day long weekend in New South Wales, in early October.

ORIGINAL: badboy007 Women= to be used for your own advantage/purposes. " Badboy, I'd disagree that there's a power divide, and I'd disagree with your thoughts on those PUA guys selling training.

Dealing with people is a skill like anything else, and I think it's giving men more power, now they can train to be better at something they've always wanted to do - ie. I know a guy who I'm quite good friends with, and he had only shagged one girl by 21, and then he did those PUA courses (one in london I think), and started reading the stuff and meeting all the guys in that sub-culture, and now he's shagged 9 in less than a year, many on 1st dates. He has finally *learnt* how it's done, and although he's far from perfect now, and 9 is not massive, it's a massive, monumental improvement.

Reasoner (argued), Vinson & Elkins, Houston, TX, Clifford Thau, Vinson & Elkins, New York City, for Defendants-Appellees.

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