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The 3.05 and later versions of Hercules come with a version of the conspawn utility that does properly handle starting Windows GUI applications and should be used instead.Corrected issue where clicking 'OK' from the System Configuration dialog after having Powered On without actually making any changes would mistakenly cause Herc GUI to believe the active configuration file had been modified.XMLStarlet is linked statically to both libxml2 and libxslt, so generally all you need to process XML documents is one executable file.To run Xml Starlet utility you can simple type 'xml' on command line and see list of options available.That said, the Oodle1 compressor is still there if you need it, and if you export from 2.10 uncompressed or with Oodle1, those files will load just fine in 2.9. Since it's customary on each minor version increase to summarize the changes since the last one, that follows here.2.9 was largely the version of Animation Studio and GState feature buildout, while of course there were a bunch of runtime and export improvements as well.

The Animation Studio mouse-button assignments for bringing up the dialog to edit nodes, transitions, and breadcrumbs (and for navigating breadcrumbs and activating transitions) are now much more consistent.

Now linking directly to (dbghelp.dll) as I should have been all along (has long been deprecated and superseded with dbghelp.dll; I just never noticed I was linking to the wrong library until now; sorry; fixed now) Missed a spot for LCS devices when I was removing/disabling the logic that originally enforced even device addresses for CTC devices, so now when you define both LCS devices (just as you should), Herc GUI should no longer complain about an invalid configuration file.

Het Init utility dialog: rearranged controls (similar to the Dasd Init dialog change in the previous release) such that the options fields now come first so that a reasonable o/p filename can now be suggested (based on the chosen options), and added a spinner control to the VOLSER field to allow easy auto-incrementing of numeric VOLSERs.

XMLStarlet command line utility is written in C and uses libxml2 and libxslt from

Implementation of extensive choice of options for XMLStarlet utility was only possible because of rich feature set of libxml2 and libxslt (many thanks to the developers of those libraries for great work).'diff' and 'patch' options are not currently implemented. Please, send an email to the project administrator (see if you wish to help.

Note that this release is not as big of a change as the jump to was.

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