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So the story continues about the girl who keeps chasing after the boy she loves. When this drama aired, I didn't watch it cs hadn't moved on from japan version in 1996. O-Hani was described so cute but never making a disappointment, I mean she has not ridiculous act, just so cute. His playful act to Hani is just adorable too, but still cool person as his character. And the last, I find this version is so full of values and so meaning to get learning about their life and norm. I wish there is another season with Kim hyun jung and jung so min as the main characters. The actors are more suited to the roles, the writing flows seamlessly, and tthere is great character development for both the female and male leads, not just for Baek Seung-Jo (Naoki, Jiang Zhi Shu in other versions). Plus there's a creepy part in the Japanese version where where the main character's cousin flirts with him and tryst to steal him which is CREEPY and incestuous. if we could fast forward this drama to 10 years later in their marriage, Baek Seung Jo would probably be less brash and more loving in his actions and speech to Oh Ha Ni. o ha ni is such a fool, why wld a man love a woman without any goal other than following him around all time. GOD SPEED KIM HYUN JOONG and JUNG SU MIN baek-sun jo= handsome and awsome!! I felt Oh Ha-Ni should have been stronger, instead of constantly being hurt by Baek Seung-Jo. this is the awesomest (most awesome) drama i've ever watched as well as the BOF.

I have just finished to watch it recently, then I have my conclusion that this is the best version than others. I also love how willing Oh Ha-Ni is to stand up to Baek Seung-Jo and tease him. There was nothing like that in the Korean version which I love. It would be super if they would do a continuation drama. The people who said this was "ok" or even bad are complete fools. pls no writer should creat a character without pride as the lead lady ever. Ha Ni= just plain freakin adorable sun jo's mom=WANT HER TO BE MY FUTURE MOTHER IN LAW!! The ending was nice that he finally realized how he felt about her, but how could she truly like someone so mean. sth i didnot like about that drama was that : 1 : o ha ni didnet have proud !!!!! this made me obsessed on korean dramas even more., LOL but anyway, i really had a great time watching this and i will definitely spare some time to watch it over again. it will be really heart-breaking if there wont be any.

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As small Children he would take us into the townships, into the houses. My father would then take me to the affluent area, and show me how those people lived.

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I am not blind to the many faults of the ANC south Africa.I can't say that it was love at first sight, but after a month I was already adamant that one cannot succeed without running a risk, so I ordered a trip to her.My father taught us that we need to know how people live.My father did the same for my kids, when they were six.The ANC has a lot to answer for, the position has NOT changed a lot for the masses.We offer great amount of opportunities to initiate communication and also receive contacts from our growing international singles database.

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