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Netsanity’s Appblocker, and the new Gameblocker, accessible from your private parental/guardian dashboard, is the #1 feature requested by parents.

Instantly block and unblock selected apps on your child’s Apple i Phone, i Pad, i Pod touch, or Android Samsung mobile device.

Some capabilities may not be fully blocked.** A very popular app with teens doing group videos.

Highly requested by parents as the app has the potential for inappropriate live video.

Dear Prudence, My wife and I have two wonderful children, "Rebekah" and "Robbie." They have always been close and share many of the same friends.

Both are living at home while attending a local college.

She proceeded to tell us, that her son in Grade 5, has been having quite the time video chatting with his friends. But that means, if your kids have an Ipod Touch, an old deactivated Iphone, a computer in their room, or are borrowing your Ipad, they have the ability to literally be “hanging” with their friends until all hours of the night unsupervised.

Robbie is an adult and it's not my place to tell her, but she will eventually find out.Also, we do not tolerate sexual activity in the house, regardless of sexual orientation, so there can't be a double standard with Robbie.I will have to tell him, and he will know that I know.A few days later I returned home early to the sounds of two men having sex in the basement. When I got back, Rebekah had just arrived and she and Robbie and Jason were in the kitchen fixing a snack.I love my son and will always support him, but there are several issues. While sitting in a meeting last week, a girlfriend of mine had a pressing issue she wanted to discuss.

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