Meeting women at nudist beach

But in Covington's odyssey for female Top Freedom, it wasn't enough to simply bare her chest and get away with it.

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A battle over bare-breasted women at one of Maryland's most popular vacation spots is heating up as summer hits without a clear answer on whether women are free to be free at the beach.

Why should a woman’s breasts be regarded any differently, the advocates say. “It enforces dangerous body image issues (and) deprives women of the choice to be comfortable.” Her case is buttressed by the work of legal scholar Luke Boso, who notes that “(s)ociety . has carved out an exception to the general nonacceptance of female breast exposure: exposure to entertain or sexually arouse males.

Brenna Helppie-Schmieder, writing in a 2015 issue of the De Paul Journal of Women, Gender & the Law, argues that laws prohibiting the public display of the female breast (but not the male breast) are harmful, outdated and unconstitutional under the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause. Women are often free to expose their breasts at times and in places in which men desire it: at topless bars and clubs, in pornography, and in the bedroom.” Moreover, local obscenity laws rarely include the whole breast, just the nipple and surrounding areola. But clear thinking on formulating breast censorship laws can be hard to find.

This year in Colorado, a federal judge rejected claims by city leaders in Fort Collins that the female breast was “a private part” and posed a threat to “public sensibility.” The local law criminalizing the exposed female breast was overturned — and so far, public sensibility appears to be unharmed.

Successful court challenges to these kinds of obscenity laws are being spearheaded by groups pushing for gender equity in a broader sense — equal pay for equal work and women being able to control their own bodies, including how they present themselves in public.

San Diego's great for so many reasons, prominent among them being the abundance of fantastic beaches.

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