Roy chiu and tang yan dating


Tiffany also noticed Roy's change in attitude, but comforted herself that it was because Roy was too busy with work.

She further revealed that Tiffany had visited Roy in Taiwan a few times last year, but Roy restricted her from leaving the house to avoid being spotted by reporters.

The microblogging caused many users to onlookers, fans found that Qiu Ze microblogging watch list, there is one called 'snake earthworms users, Qiu Ze several times in the microblogging surfers about the car information, and snake earthworms' It is the users' the Baby Doll_Acc 'husband.' Baby Doll_Acc bear the harassment of fans deleted microblogging, users guess did not cease, friends speculated that participate in the Zhuhai International Circuit dinner, Roy Chiu open to the friends he had with Tang Yan.

netizen said: ' Look Qiu Ze familiarity with her husband, should not believe in the mouth nonsense. ' Broke three Tang Yan microblogging suspected Confessions In addition, the two heroes microblogging often love signs, Tang Yan last year in the microblogging upload a photo and said: ' Love is (love is) way ahead, to go with us.' Photo two pair of shoes found by users, the two pairs of shoes in the photo is Roy Chiu and Tang Yan in a unit of the play's props(Shanghai Station News

Roy clarified that his “seven months” was calculated based on their last public appearance.

He further explained that they had distanced away a month after his birthday.

However, Roy later denied the dating rumours and revealed that he had broken up with his girlfriend Tiffany in November last year.

Tiffany's assistant then revealed an intimate photo of the couple on her microblog and scolded Roy for hurting Tiffany.

Former handsome cool guy Roy, faded out of the entertainment circle for 4 years, his manager Sun Jia Qi says, Roy at the moment is relying on previous income to support himself, already 4 years haven't bought new clothes.

Tiffany Tang's assistant recently refuted Roy Qiu's claims that he ended his two-year romance with Tiffany months back, claiming that the couple has never agreed on a breakup.

Dating speculations between Roy and his new love interest Lee Yu Fen sparked off after the latter was seen visiting Roy during his filming in Shenzhen.

Qiu Ze racing stickers Tang Yan Photo friends exposed to two of the development of "off screen love Rainy has not yet cleared, but the entertainment circle seems to spring: Following the beginning of Yang Mi and Liu Kaiwei shape.

Broke the news two Roy Chiu admitted to friends that Tang Yan is his girlfriend Following the 'photo' incident, another friends broke the news, one called ' Baby Doll_ACC users that recently and Qiu Ze eat, Qiu Ze admitted to them that the identity of the Tang Yan's girlfriend.

The relationship of Roy Chiu and Tiffany Tang was exposed after their intimate photograph was released by the latter’s assistant.

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