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She’s currently working on co-opening a small boutique, gallery and music venue in Melbourne called Standard Collective, which will feature clothing, jewelry, art and music made by herself and other skate- and surf-inspired artists.Many studies show that men respond better to NRT than women demonstrated that men are better able to identify nicotine in a nasal spray and to discriminate nicotine from placebo than are women, indicating that men are better able to detect the interoceptive cues of nicotine.Consistently, women experience greater craving relief then men from a denicotinized tobacco inhaler, highlighting the role sensory cues play in nicotine dependence for women.In order to treat female smokers more effectively, it is critical that non-nicotinic mediated medications are explored.Nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs), e.g., nicotine patch, gum, lozenge, inhaler, as well as the nicotinic partial agonist therapy varenicline, are the most widely used treatments to help people quit smoking.Then came several tours with her personal heroes Reel Big Fish, with whom she also made a record in their California studio.

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