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Below are terms that have been rolling off kids tongues, popping up in songs and memes, and generally floating around the Internet lately. AF: Technically an acronym for "as f#¢&," it means extremely.

As in, "I'm hungry AF."Bae: Babe or baby, in the romantic (and not the infant) sense.

Of course this is a timeless sentiment, but one that's no less true today, with young ones constantly nose-to-the-glass with smartphones and tablets, chatting with their friends.

If you dare to peek at their tweets and posts, other than a near hieroglyphic scroll of emoji, you'll find a language of all their own. Then, never use them, because there's nothing more out of place than a parent who is trying to fit in.

You’ll be asked to enter in your email address, name, birthday, gender and what you’re using the app for whether its for chatting, make new friends or dating.

Step 2: Select sms and Start Export You can find many icon on the left, find "Contacts" and click it, all then go to "SMS", then all sms on your android phone will be listed on the right.Last edited by xknavarezh on 2016/10/13 After google, I find Android Assistant can help transfer messages to can transfer or backup contacts, text messages, photos, and other media files like videos, music files. Download and install Android Manager, works on windows and mac 3. It works very fast and safe, I've already exported 500 messages from my galaxy s6 to PC.Tutorial: How to save text messages on android Download and install Mobi Kin Assistant for Android Connect phone via USB or WIFI and enable USB debugging Scan and Preview all text messages on your phone Click "Export" button to save all messages to PC Last edited by gasddt on 2016/7/6 Some updates Android device will delete your text messages. With Samsung Backup ,you can save text messages to computer easily ! This is source: how to transfer messages from Android to computer Last edited by angelina2233 on 2016/7/4 To transfer sms from Android, you need to help with a third-party too.The other reason for transferring SMS to computer is for future records before they clear their inbox or outbox. Step 1: Connect Android Phone to pc The first thing you need to do is to download and install the Android contacts manager on your pc and launch it.The next is connect your Android phone to pc via usb cable. The manager would recognise your android device automatically.Access to your API space (your own space on the Comapi platform) is over HTTPs running TLS 2048 bit encryption.

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