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When a village has belief, its troops fight at 100% effectiveness instead of 50%. Even your enemies' scouts cannot spot the resources hidden in your hiding place.

The higher the level of your headquarters, the faster the constructions will be finished.

World settings permitting, as soon as your Village Headquarters is upgraded to level 15 you will be able to demolish buildings in this village.

The first church gives all the villages in the nearby area belief.

To level up a paladin, players have four options to gain experience: When reaching a certain amount of experience points, the paladin gains a higher level.

Each time a paladin levels up, it earns a skill book.

Band together with other players to form a powerful tribe and lead your troops into battle. • Build and upgrade more than 15 unique buildings• Raise an army by recruiting many different defense and offensive units• Appoint a paladin and find mighty equipment.• Attack, plunder and conquer your opponents in real time while defending your kingdom against attackers – real Pv P.• Band together with other players to form a tribe and declare war on your enemies.• Many different worlds with altered victory conditions.• Play via your smartphone or via your browser.

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