Updating a treo 755p


Guess they couldn't imagine a desire to save battery life, travel by plane (including takeoff and landing), etc. Not exactly intuitive: Turn Treo Off (all the way - including PDA) 1. Note that the wireless symbol in upper right has circle around it now. THEN quickly press red button and the whole thing turns off.

Treonauts who have been waiting patiently/anxiously for Windows Mobile 6 to run on their Treo 750 in the US since first hearing about it with Microsoft's original 3GSM announcement back in February will be delighted to hear that Palm and AT&T have finally now made this update officially available.

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The assumption, presumably, is that customers would ditch their existing landline Internet access and rely exclusively on Vision both at home and on the road.

The [Please note that Palm Windows Mobile 6 does NOT support the Blackberry Connect (BBC) service so do not install this update if you use or plan to use BBC on the Treo 750.] Additional enhancements on this AT&T WM6 Update also include: Based on my previous installation perfoming this update using an SPE Retractable Cable and Treo 750 connected to my laptop, I completed the WM6 update in just under the estimated time of 25 minutes without any problems.

Additionally, the great thing for those people who were awaiting the arrival of the running Windows Mobile 6 ā€“ which they can use on any GSM network worldwide (AT&T and T-Mobile in the US) with any SIM card ā€“ Iā€™m glad to see that Palm have now also made this available on their website (image above) for only 9.

It is packed with internal and external improvements that many Treo fans have been waiting and wishing for.

The 755p is available in two fashionable colors ā€“ burgundy and midnight blue.

We experienced excellent call quality, reliable e-mail delivery, and made good use of the PIM tools.

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