Updating the who guidelines on community noise


So, don't get angry if someone posts something that you disagree with.

You can express your opinion, even if it is completely different, or mutually exclusive of other views posted.

Though 80 to 90 percent of adult concussions resolve in seven to ten days, the recovery time is often longer for children and adolescents.

In all cases, the decision to allow an athlete to return to play should be made based on the individual’s progress, not a specific period of time.

An international panel of neurologists, updating their recommendations on concussion care, now recommend that any athlete eighteen or younger who is believed to have sustained a concussion during a game or practice should never be allowed to return to the playing field the same day.

This phase is supposed to include community involvement.The END requires this noise mapping be repeated every 5 years, so it only makes sense to prepare the data model in a way that allows updating the data (new traffic data, new population numbers, updated geometry where it changed) rather than starting anew every time.The Action Plan phase is the twin to Noise Mapping.More specifically, in order to have a friendly and supportive board, we must all refrain from posting things which will make it a hostile, and destructive place. Discussing ideas is encouraged of course, but not in a confrontational manner.To help us make this a better board, the following guidelines will now be followed at the DWLZ Message Board and chat room. It is impossible to find any topic that all people will agree upon.If someone wishes to live in a civilized society, then he is going to have to give up his freedom to act in uncivilized ways.

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