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Just for peace of mind and all that.the city as well ancient and serene... [] Fanny De Witte: Now you are offended [] Fanny De Witte: Yes and I need my money back. SOME CONVERSATION ON MESSENGER FACEBOOK BETWEEN FANNY AND THOMAS STIEF Than I paid already USD60,000 I don't want you to go through that stress no more... Okay..i have worked to have what we have today sweetie...

Moved out of the states and settled here (in Portugal).. [] Fanny De Witte: Yes, don't blame me for all this. [] Thomas Stief: Thank you very much for being there for me.. You alone i trust and i do not want to sick no more because we have to be together..

"It's really hip, a little left of the center and definitely not for the mall-nightclub crowd," general manager Sandy Hein told tbt* in February.

"The more creative types of Tampa hang here." Czar is a bar that by all rights should be located in Hollywood, or at least Brooklyn — not Ybor City. Enjoy it while you're still young enough to pull off a keffiyeh. Dunedin Brewery 937 Douglas Ave., Dunedin; (727) 736-0606,

And what about you [15-6-2017 ] Thomas Stief: I am worried about you sweetie...

The full story is that both were, but one had a ring on. But the older we get, they’re just not as frequent.

Time has distanced me from the college years where I might’ve seen hundreds of people a day and a lot of times see those same hundreds and a hundred more all the time.

And now, depending on your job, your weekly activities, you might see just a sliver of that amount on any given day. A buddy of mine had an experience like this recently.

[] Thomas Stief: it makes me sick..it's the reason am stuck here sweetie you know that.. I had a simple and good life before without all this worries and without being sick of it and in the hospital [] Thomas Stief: Fine... [] Thomas Stief: I will get allyour money back to you... The duty i think might be on everything on the consistent box sweetie..have to look for money sweetie and clear it all..

[] Thomas Stief: our health condition and all that.. if I had known this from before, i had not started with this whole consignment affair.

With Hyde Park Cafe's success, owner Tommy Ortiz has been able to create more popular So Ho ventures, including Cheap and the Kennedy. On the other hand, the vodka drinks are out of this world.

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